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衡水金卷2021答案 衡水金卷2021答案



●Have you skimmed over this year’s English examination paper of college entrance exams? Did you pay any attention to the composition topic? It is about the mouse as a tool featuring in the communication between human beings and the computer. Frankly speaking, at first sight of the chart given, the idea arose swiftly in my mind was the advantages and disadvantages of using a computer and internet, which we have been debating.   As is pointed in the directions above the chart, mouse makes it much easier for us to operate a computer. But, it is also pointed out that “over depending on mouse” will bring some side effects. In this regard, I have thought and considered a great deal but I failed to link “depend on” and a mouse. A mouse is an essential part of a computer as it is, and we can hardly operate a computer without a mouse, even for notepads. When a computer is used, a mouse is used. There’s no parlance of “depend too much on a mouse”. It’s the same case as we Chinese have meals with chopsticks. We use them everyday and even every meal, and can we perorate that we over depend on chopsticks? No one would, I suppose. This is the first point I want to mention   The second one is that the use of a mouse is quite different from getting information from web. From the model essay given, we can clearly find that the so called disadvantages of depending excessively on a mouse are nothing but the drawback of relying on the readymade information from the net. That’s incorrect. I will take the chopsticks for an example again. If we overate and became fat, can anyone contribute his fozy body to his overuse of chopsticks? I don’t think anyone would be funny enough to complain this way.   Personally, I think these are two inappropriate spots in this topic. Meanwhile, I have no idea what the examinees were thinking as to the side effects of over depending on a mouse. If their way of thinking was getting around what the topic assigner tried to accomplish, they were lucky. If not, where were their thoughts flying? 还有一个结尾是  :A convenient tool can certainly make our work easier, but it doesn’t always help in a positive way. Too much ready information on our fingertips leaves little room for knowledge pursuing. Too many ready answers make us less excited in finding truth. Relying too much on mouse clicking makes us lazier and less creative both mentally and physically.


●靠,我英语也没考好,单选完型还可以,正常发挥,可是阅读太差太差,错了六个。作文其实我也不是太有底,我主要先翻译材料表格里的句子,关于自己对disadvantages of the mouse的看法,我当然写三点啊,先是a old saying goes来个谚语,说鼠标用多了可能带来手部疾病、然后what's more,写mouse阻碍手部功能开发,最后last but not least,说如果没有mouse,我们就很难操作电脑了,但是出来看所谓的那些狗P专家的点评,什么稳中创新,较好体现新课标精神,都是套话,P用没有。还说,这篇作文的隐藏含义是让人们意识到mouse阻碍了人际交往,人们因为使用mouse不再交流。你说谁能看出来,除了那些脑子二极管短路又进水的专家。我也是今年考生,借你的问题说说心里话。同时鄙视楼上那位,你知不知道考生心里有多急啊,你跑江苏招生网上复制粘贴什么玩意糊弄我们干嘛?骗分也不是这么骗的!






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●考生可在2月22日至26日登陆招考资讯网站(www.zhankao.net),按照网页的提示,即可完成网上报名。 已进行网上报名的考生,须于2月27日至29日办理报名信息确认手续 考试时间为4月5日、6日两天。考试科目为语文、计算机基础、数学、外语,各科满分均为150分。考试方式为闭卷、笔试,实行主客观题分卷考试。

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